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20060301 2006 March 1

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Here are the specifications for the Kenwood TH-D7A(G) Data Communicator FM Dual Bander:

Frequency Range
144 MHz440 MHz
TX: 144-148 MHz
RX: 118-174 MHz
TX: 430-450 MHz
RX: 400-480 MHz
Mode F1D, F2D, F3E (FM)
Operating Temperature Range -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +140°F)
Antenna Impedance 50 ohms
Power Requirement External power supply(DC in) 5.5 to 16.0 V (13.8V)
Battery terminals 4.5 to 15.0 V (6.0 V)
Current transmit with HI, 13.8V (DC IN) VHF (Approx. 1.7 A) UHF (Approx. 2.1 A)
Current transmit with HI, 9.6V (battery terminals) VHF (Approx. 1.7 A) UHF (Approx. 1.8 A)
Current transmit with HI, 6.0V (battery terminals) VHF (Approx. 1.3 A) UHF (Approx. 1.5 A)
Current transmit with EL, 6.0V (battery terminals) Approx. 330 mA
Current receive standy (TNC off) Approx. 45 mA
Dimensions (W x H x D)
[projections not included]
2.25 x 4.75 x 1.5 inches
[with included PB-38 battery]
Weight 12 oz (340 g)
[with PB-38]
Ground Negative
Microphone Impedance 2 k ohms
Maximum Frequency Deviation ±5 kHz
Modulation Reactance modulation
Modulation Distortion Less than 3% (300 Hz – 3 kHz)
RF Output Power (approx.)
HI (13.8V DC)
HI (9.6V)
HI (6.0V)
6 W (VHF), 5.5 (UHF)
2.5 W (VHF), 2.2 W (UHF)
0.5 W
50 mW
Spurious Radiation Less than -60 dB
Audio Output Power
9.6 V (10% distortion)
6.0 V (10% distortion)
More than 450 mW
More than 300 mW
Circuitry Double conversion superheterodyne
Intermediate Frequency VHF/UHF
1st IF
2nd IF
38.85/45.05 MHz
450/455 kHz
-6 dB
-40 dB
More than 12 kHz
Less than 28 kHz
Sensitivity (12 dB SINAD) Less than 0.18µV Main, 0.28µV Sub
Squelch Sensitivity Less than 0.1µV
Kenwood follows a policy of continuous advancement in development.
For this reason pecifications may be changed without notice.
These specifications are guaranteed for Amateur Bands only.

I understand what most of the categories are about but I have no idea how good most of the values are.

The above table looks great in a regular browser window and even in WordPress when I am writing the post, but the CSS or whatever is keeping it from displaying properly. Or rather it is displaying it in the way it thinks is proper. So blank lines that are necessary to align categories and values are being surpressed as are the table borders that would make the table so much easier to read. I am not sure WordPress is going to work for the way I like to create blog entries. I want more control over the way my content is going to be displayed that they want to give me.

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