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20060226 2006 February 26

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I just got back from the Bronx County ARES meeting which, it turns out, wasn’t scheduled for today, as the web page indicated, but is held on the second Saturday of the month. This is going to conflict with my Map Society meetings. I will have to listen in on the weekly NYC district ARES net, which happens at the same time as the NYC ARECS net.


I modified the antenna connected to a ground by a coil of wire in a triangle logo that seems to be the generally accepted logo for amateur radio to make it my own. I am not happy with the way it displays in the blog header so will have to work with it some more. When I view it in Photoshop it is fringed in blue rather than the white that appears here. It is strange that it reacts that way in the header because both graphics were created from the same file. The only difference is that this one is full size.
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