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20060220 2006 February 20

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I designed a tentative QSL and business card tonight.

The graphic is clipart downloaded from Microsoft. Someday maybe I will be able to find one of my own photographs to use there.

So far I have only printed one sheet of the business cards and found that I tagged the wrong key when entering my ZIP Code so had to pen in a correction. They will get me by until I decide what I really want to do. And if there is a possibility of getting a General license and a new call sign I don’t want bunches of old cards hanging around here. I already have hundreds of other old cards and can’t read enough books to use them up as bookmarks. I am going to try to restrict my QSL activities to electronic cards from eQSL.cc.

This afternoon, while taking a break from my General exam studies, I searched the Web for “local” ham events. I only found two. One is a convention of Filipino operators in Queens and they want $85 for the event so that one is out. The other is two field days sponsored by the Hall of Science ARC in Corona Park. Researching more deeply I found that they have monthly meetings that are open to the public. They are on the second Tuesday of the month from 2000 to 2200 ET. I don’t have anything on the calendar for that evening next month so I will check them out. It is a bit of a truck from here, two buses or a bus and train, or two trains. The web site doesn’t have any travel directions so I am going to have to search the satellite imagery on Google Local and see if I can figure out what bus goes there from Main St, Flushing.

I have been taking a bunch of practice exams at HamTestOnline.com. I like them better than the ones at QST.com because the answers aren’t always in the same place when you see the question on subsequent tests. Also, at the end of the test they tell you which sub-elements you are having trouble with. The only one that I am all over the place in that regard. But I am averaging 82% overall. Hopefully by the end of the week I will have that bumped up into the 90s so I have a bit of a buffer in case I get real unlucky again in which questions the ask.

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