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20060219 2006 February 19

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I did some research today to see if a radio could be interfaced with anything using Bluetooth. My idea was that I could use VOX technology and a cell phone headset to talk over the radio or even send packet messages from a PDA. I found CTR-Remote which allows you to control a radio from a PC or a Pocket PC. You can get from the same company, a Bluetooth interface which would work with the Kenwood TH-D7A(G). I emailed them to see about it and they say it should work but that I would probably have to supply power to the Bluetooth device as they don’t know if the radio will do it for me.


I also found a guy in England who has a web page describing using the TH-D7 with a Pocket PC running APRSCE software (I think it comes from TAPR) to do APRS.


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