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20060217 2006 February 17

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As of noon today there has been one new license issued. They just issued KC2PDX to an emergency management office somewhere. With only two letters left in this cycle it is almost certain that I will get a KC2PE_ call. That is going to be a little awkward for me to enunciate clearly. P and E sound very similar and so do B, C, D, E, and G which could be the last letters of the call sign. I hope I can pass the General exam and that they abolish the Morse code requirement before I get on the air so I can start using a General call sign right away and am luckier in what one I get.


I got down to Barry Electronics and picked up the General exam study guide which is only $17 as compared to $20 for the Technician guide. It is a smaller form factor as well. Now it is the same size as a computer manual where the Technician guide was 8.5×11″.I also talked to Jonathan some more about the Kenwood TH-D7A(G). He says he has never had any complaints about the radio in any regard but also says that it isn’t a big seller because if its niche market.


The license has finally been processed. As of 1600 EST today I am now


The call sign isn’t too hard for me to get my mouth around and is kind of appropriate since I want to use a handheld radio while mobile.

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