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20060216 2006 February 16

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I went down to Barry this afternoon to buy the General study guide and was greeted by a sign taped to the door saying that they were going to be closed this afternoon. So no study guide.

This stuff about the FCC database being updated daily at 0200 is bogus. Well maybe it is accurate somewhere in the world, but it isn’t here. As of midnight last night the last license listed was KC2PDP which was issued yesterday. As of 0230 this morning that was still the last license issued. And as of 1200 today there had been no additions to the list. I checked at around 2200 tonight and the last license is now KC2PDW which was issued today. Although the site says their downtime is “Daily: 12 Midnight – 2 AM ET” I suspect that the database gets updated at 2400 UTC which would be 1900 EST and at the end of the federal flex workday. There is no point in staying up into the middle of the night anymore.

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