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20060215 2006 February 15

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I have started staying up until 0200 to check the FCC database and see if my license is listed there yet. The FCC takes their database down at midnight each night to update it with the day’s processing and makes it available again at 0200. It is a crazy thing for me to do since I don’t have a radio to use it with if I find that it is there, but I am doing it anyway.

I have started a couple of Ham mapping projects. I found the online NYC repeater directory that is compiled from real reception reports rather than FCC database entries. So I have been databasing the call signs and frequencies from it then going to QRZ.com to get the longitude and latitude. The positional information is real crude since it is based on the mailing address of the responsible party rather than the antenna location and I have already found a Manhattan repeater that is associated with someone who gets their mail in Westchester. It appears that QRZ uses only the ZIP Code when they geolocate the site as almost all the licensees in my ZIP Code are listed with the same Lat/Long. That is my second project. I am databasing all of the local hams to use for networking. I searched the FCC database for all active licenses and then went to QRZ to find out where the person lives and what level of license they have. I also collected the number of QRZ searches for the call sign figuring it might give an indication of how active the user is. The guy with the most searches is a technician and some of the extra operators are near the bottom of the list. The next step is to figure out how to get Access to write a report wrapping the data in the HTML I need to make a Google Local map. This is a test project to see if I can figure out how to make point maps since I have a new feature request for my occultation maps web site.

I have been taking a lot of General practice exams online at QRZ.com and am scoring around 80% most of the time. Most of the questions I can reason the answer after they give me the right one, but some of them are beyond me. I don’t like studying this way. I want to understand the principle rather than being able to parrot the correct answer to the question. I am going to have to get down to Barry Electronics and buy the study guide, the library doesn’t have that one.

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