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20060212 2006 February 12

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When I got downtown today I began to wonder if the Staten Island ferry would be running so the instructor could get to class but he was there. We did get a full-fledged blizzard with heavy snow falling horizontally and whiteout conditions. It looks like our total accumulation is around 18”. Several students didn’t show up and one of the instructors didn’t either. But the volunteer examiners did.

I passed the exam but not by the margin I should have. I got 29 of 35 questions right or 82.6%. There were at least three questions on the exam that I have never seen before. Two other students said the same thing but I don’t know if they have spent as much time taking practice tests as I have. Only one of the students from the class failed.

I took the General exam right away and failed it by only one question. I am being encouraged to spend the next two weeks taking practice exams and to retake the General on 20Feb06 at Columbia University.

They said that our call signs should appear in the FCC database by next weekend.

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