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20060211 2006 February 11

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We started class at least 30 minutes late today, finished 90 minutes early, and covered one topic that was scheduled for tomorrow.

I don’t feel Ike I am really learning anything.

They told us on Thursday that if we fail the test we’ll have the opportunity of paying another $14.00 and taking it again on the spot. If, on the other hand, we pass it we will be given the opportunity of taking the General exam without paying any more money. So Thursday night I took the General exam to see How well l would do. My scores weren’t far below passing. Last night I took a General right after each technician, and tonight I alternated a few times then switched over to all General exams. I am always passing the Technician and usually in the 9Os, on the General sometimes I do great and sometimes not. I will take it tomorrow and hope I get lucky in what questions I get.

It was starting to snow as the class was ending and they are still predicting blizzard conditions tonight through tomorrow morning. But they say the exam will be given no matter what the weather is like. That suits me fine. I would have taken it today if it was up to me.

Last night I did some research on the Web about the radio I am thinking of buying. It seem it does not have a very good reputation for finish. People say you need to buy the case because the plastic radio is completely painted and scratches easily. As well the display window. But the case is not supposed to be well made. There are reports the speaker holes are not over the speaker and the stitching tears out within a couple of weeks. All of this is cosmetic. A larger concern is a reported design flaw that Kenwood is not willing to make which causes the radio to stop transmitting the PL tone if it is jarred during a transmission which causes you to loose contact with the repeater. This only happens in the 70-cm band,but it appears that that is where most of the repeaters and the best audio quality are. I need to email tech support and see what they say and ask the dealer if I can test the radio before I buy it.

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