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20060204 2006 February 4

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I was downtown today and stopped off at Home Depot to do some recon for antenna supplies.

I found bronze brazing rod but no brass welding rod. The tubes they have, which contain 4 or 5 rods about a yard long, don’t give any information about the composition of the rod itself but the sales person said they usually are coated with another kind of metal and chemicals kind of like a flux. I can probably use them for an antenna but am not going to buy them until I get more information on the substitution of bronze for brass. They are only $5.00/tube so are not going to break the bank, but I don’t need them hanging around here if I can’t use them for their intended purpose.

Ladder Line is a different story. They didn’t even know what twin-lead wire was but when I explained it they said its use has been phased out and they don’t have it. I will have to get that from a TV or radio store.

I also picked up a copy of All About Ham Radio at the library. The copyright is 1992 so it isn’t going to be any good to me as far as rules and regulations go, but I am hoping reading a different explanation of some of the electronics components will help me.

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