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20060129 2006 January 29

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I am just starting to read the chapter in the study guide where they talk briefly about station logs.

In chapter 1 of the guide we learned that you have to be able to present your original station license any time required by the FCC or other government officials.

In chapter 4, in the section on Station Records, the guide says

What kind of station records should you keep? The FCC does not require you to keep any particular information about the operation of your station

So it sounds like the only thing you really need to have is your station license. And given that you are not required to keep any records you are probably better off if you don’t keep any. Then there isn’t a record you have made that they can use to hang you for something you did and didn’t know you did.

Reading on another couple of paragraphs I come to the subsection on FCC Inspections where I learn that

The FCC can conduct an inspection of your amateur station at any time. You must make booth your station and any station records available for inspection upon request by an FCC representative.

Now, if the FCC doesn’t require that I keep any particular information about my station other than the license, just what kind of records are they expecting me to produce if they show up for an inspection.

Anyway, based on the example of a log book they show in the study guide I have developed the following table for used in this space. I will probably use it to log at least my first QSO.

Date & Time: Local UTC
20060129.1830-1835 EST 20060129.2330-2335 UTC
Frequency: #####.## MHz
Mode: phone
Station Worked: CALL SIGN
QTH: City, State
RST: Tx Rx
1 2 3 7 8 9
QSL: Sent Rec’d
N/A No
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