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20060127 2006 January 27

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The ARRL study guide, Now You’re Talking, arrived at the library Wednesday and I picked it up on the way to my Wi-Fi user group meeting and have been reading it.

I also downloaded the test question pool from the ARRL site and had been reading through it identifying areas where I need to concentrate my study. Mostly that is areas dealing with frequency and emission privileges and some of the electronics dealing with formulas. Although I have taken the exam 50-100 times online at QRZ.com I am finding questions I have never seen before in each subelement of the test question pool.

I wish it was 12Feb06 already. I know enough to pass the test and would just like to get it over with.


I found a news article about the ISS going to dump an old Russian space suit overboard with a radio in it that would transmit temperature and radio battery strength telemetry back to earth in the clear and had thought that I might try to receive some of it. But it turns out that I would need to find an old scanner or buy a handheld radio and build a high gain antenna before 3Feb06 when the event is tentatively scheduled to take place. And the battery for the radio is only anticipated to last 2-4 days. So it isn’t worth me trying to do it at this point.

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